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Are Service Robots Suitable for All Brands?

By Choi, Sungwoo, Research Assistant Professor,08 Sep 2022

CUHK research finds that brands that seek to project a sincere and conservative personality may not benefit from using frontline service robots


Do Borrowers Benefit from Using Lucky Numbers?

By Hu, Maggie Rong, Assistant Professor,11 Aug 2022

CUHK research looks at transactions on a peer-to-peer lending platform and finds that loan applications with round-number amounts are less likely to get funded and have worse repayment performance after being funded, relative to those that have lucky-number amounts


China: The Next Big Market for Soft-Branded Hotels?

By Chan, Elisa Ka-yan, Assistant Professor & Zhou, Tao, Adjunct Professor,14 Jul 2022

A wave of deal-making in China’s hotel investment sector is expected to encourage more independent hotels to rebrand as chain affiliates


Does the Appearance of Robots Matter to Customers?

By Wan, Lisa C. ,Associate Professor Co-Director, Centre for Hospitality and Real Estate Research,16 Jun 2022

CUHK research finds that customers prefer friendly-looking robots in seeking leisure-dominant information and competent-looking robots when seeking practical advice