The minimum admission requirement for applying the BBA in Hospitality and Real Estate on the strength of Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) is as follows:

  • Best 5 score;
  • The minimum requirements for the 4 core subjects of Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Liberal Studies at levels 3322 respectively;
  • The minimum requirement for 2 elective subjects (any subject) is at level 3 respectively;
  • Candidates’ performance in extra elective subjects will be considered in the selection process, and bonus points will be awarded.

The weighting for core courses and elective courses is 1.0. Shortlisted HKDSE applicants would be invited to attend admission interview. The interview panel will consist of one faculty member and two industry executives.

There are two motives behind for setting up the School of Hotel and Tourism Management. First, there is an established need for high quality hospitality, tourism, and real estate education programs. Second, the hospitality industries in Hong Kong provide a natural laboratory setting for students to experience real business life. Such experience further enhances the ideal of an integrated business education that is the essence of the Faculty of Business Administration.

The curriculum of the BBA in Hospitality and Real Estate Programme emphasizes both theory and practice. It offers students an excellent opportunity to learn how to integrate business theories and real-life situations in the hotel, tourism, real estate, and other service industries. Students are required to take the core curriculum of business courses, as well as courses in hotel and tourism management, real estate and property investment, and hospitality strategic management.

The programme is designed in a way that students can specialize/concentrate in one of the concentration areas: (1) Hospitality, and (2) Real Estate. In addition to the theories learnt from the classroom, the uniqueness of the HRE programme also calls for integration of theory with application. Students will gain exposure to the industry operation through summer internships. They will have a chance to interact with industry executives in the Distinguished Speaker Series and in the Executive-in-Residence courses.

Generally speaking, the programme is suitable for all students who are suitable to take up business studies, i.e. those who are analytical, decisive, proactive, adventurous and ethical. Moreover, if you are particularly interested in working with people, have a global sense and like to integrate knowledge and practice, this programme would be especially suitable for you.

Yes, it will help to widen students’ horizon.

All students of Hospitality and Real Estate Programme are required to participate in two summer internship training during their course of study, in order to learn more about the hospitality and real estate industry. The purposes of the internship are:

  • To provide training opportunities for students, so that they can apply what they have learnt in solving the management problems in hospitality and real estate industries;
  • To know more about the operation of hotel, tourism and real estate industries in Hong Kong and overseas;
  • To develop students’ proactive work attitude, professional spirit and the enthusiasm in the hotel, tourism and real estate industries.

The School of Hotel and Tourism Management of the CUHK has been working closely with hotels and real estate companies in Hong Kong and outside Hong Kong. For Year 2 students, they can opt to have their internship training overseas. During the past years, some of our students had their internship training overseas, including but not limited to USA, Spain, New Zealand, Japan, Mainland China, Malaysia, Egypt and etc.

Students will pay the tuition fee to their home university (i.e. CUHK) while they will be responsible for the expenditure related to their room and board, insurance, traveling as well as their personal expenses.

Graduates from the School of Hotel and Tourism Management would be ideal candidates for management trainee positions in hospitality, tourism, real estate and other service industries that have a regional/global outlook. They should be able to work in service-oriented industries (such as hotel, airline, theme park, cruise line, and tourism), real estate industries, and firms providing consultancy services to service-oriented industries and property markets.

The Teaching Hotel Project is a highly significant infrastructure development for the School. It is a concrete statement of our mission and education philosophy. The Teaching Hotel Project includes the teaching facilities component at Cheng Yu Tung Building (opened in 2010) and the hotel facilities component - Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Sha Tin (opened in 2009). The Teaching Hotel Project will bring hotel education to a new height and demonstrate the close relationship between theory and practice in business education. See other Teaching Facilities.