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The very hands-on experience that I have gained throughout the field trip while understanding the tenant mix and the development strategy of Fashion Walk stands out as an opportunity to really strengthen our understanding of the market trend. The field trip has been a highlight of the course and it was so much more than just a touring as the sharing from Hang Lung’s leasing team was very insightful and authentic that have really cultivated my interest!

Cherrei Ho
Class of 2019

With the instructions from Ervi and the representative from Hang Lung Properties, we have learned how they came up with the current tenant mix and the distinctive marketing position of the mall. Such a fun way to bring what we have learned from the lecture into practice!

Joycelina Lin
Class of 2020

I remember the field trip from the shopping mall course is one of the memorable field trips throughout the hotel courses. Coz it does really bring the theory from the textbook to the real-life situation and let me have a better understanding to the course, the structure of different kinds of shopping malls. During the field trip, we can even enter the stores in the Fashion Walk one by one and interact with the shop managers directly to know the current situation of the retail industry. I still remember that we met a celebrity and some cute dogs during the trip. I believe what I had learnt from that day could not be learnt if I go there on my own.

Roy Chow
Class of 2021