Teaching Facilities

The School has put in place world-class facilities designed and built to stimulate the actual learning environment of leading establishments.

World-class Facilities

The Stage

The self-funded business model The Stage creates a practice environment for students to participate in managing a real business, using theories learned in marketing, finance, human resource management, strategy, and F&B courses.

Gastronomy Club

The Gastronomy Club is a multifunctional restaurant built for food and beverage education. The fully equipped bar design and wine tasting set-up serve as an excellent platform where students can practice their service skills, cocktail mixing and wine tasting skills.

Hyatt Learning Center

The Hyatt Learning Center features a mini version Hyatt Regency Shatin Hotel lobby. Students are trained by Hyatt Senior Executive team members and learn international brand service standards. They will gain hands-on experience of best hotel operational practices.

Teaching Hotel

Sit adjacent to our teaching block Cheng Yu Tung Building, the teaching hotel provides experiential learning opportunities and exposes students to international hospitality service standards.

Demonstration Kitchen

The Demonstration Kitchen was set up for students to “savour” the experience of classical European cuisine cooking. It is a venue with hybrid functions. It is a class room as well as a profit center where team building exercises and cooking workshops can be conducted.

Innovative design for learning.